• Wedge Table

The Wedge Table is Closed

It is with heavy hearts that TCCP is announcing the permanent closure of the Nicollet facility. This includes The Wedge Table (market and café), commissary kitchen, bakehouse, and catering.

We have greatly appreciated our employees and community since opening in 2015. Thank you for your continued support as we transition through this period.

Q. Why are we closing the Wedge Table/Nicollet Facility?

A. Since the pandemic started, customer counts and sales have decreased dramatically at the Wedge Table. People quit coming in because they could not or did not need to gather. We held on as long as we financially could through the pandemic to keep people employed, but the business model and operating at reduced capacity was not working. Now, we need to consolidate resources and concentrate our efforts on our core operations that include the Wedge Co-op and the Linden Hills Co-op and the Co-op Partners Warehouse.

Q.What about the bakery, commissary kitchen and catering operations?

A. We will outsource our bread operation and will no longer operate the commissary kitchen or offer catering services. We will move the production of commissary and bakery items to our two retail locations

Q. What will happen to the staff currently employed at the commissary?

A. We are working to place employees at our other locations and aiding others through the transition.

Q. When is the last day of operation?

A.July 12 will be our last day of operation.

Q. What will happen with inventory?

A. We will simply transfer those raw goods to our retail stores.

Q. What will happen to the building?

A. We plan to sell the building.