• Wedge Table patio view, indoor seating area and ordering station.

    Wedge Table

The Wedge Table is Closed until Further Notice

We opened the Wedge Table in 2015 as a place for our community to gather together and enjoy food. With COVID-19, what it means for the community coming together has changed. And with these changing conditions, we have seen increased challenges in running the Table.

TCCP’s leadership and board have decided to close the Wedge Table through 2020 with an update after the new year in late spring of 2021. The last day of business will be July 19. Over the next six to twelve months we will be working to re-imagine the space and determine how it can best serve our owners and the community. A big thank you to all the staff who have worked there over the years and all the customers who have supported it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we temporarily closing the Wedge Table?
Since the pandemic started, customer counts and sales have decreased dramatically at the Wedge Table. While we have seen sales increases at the Wedge and Linden Hills, that is not the case at the Wedge Table. The space was intended as a meeting and gathering space for the community – not primarily as a grocery store. The need for community gathering space is not the same for the immediate future. As a small grocery store alone, the business model does not work. And as the lower sales indicate it is not filling as important of a role for our customers.

How can you justify closing during this time of unrest and lack of food resources?
There are ample food alternative resources available in the surrounding Whittier community such as The Wedge within less than one mile away and several others. In fact, there are over 20 places one can buy groceries within one mile of the Wedge Table. We feel confident that we are not cresting a food desert. Since the pandemic started, customer counts and sales have decreased dramatically and the space was intended as a meeting space and gathering space which has changed so for the immediate future, we cannot fulfill this need at this time.

What is going to happen to the staff currently employed at The Table?
We will be offering staff open positions in the organization. Those staff would move to positions at the Wedge or Linden Hills starting after the Table closes.

When is the last day of operation?
We plan to have Sunday, July 19 as our last day of operation.

When it is stated as a temporary closure, what does this mean?
We anticipate being closed until the spring of 2021. We will use this time to evaluate changing community needs and determine how to best use the space.

Does this closure include the commissary, catering and bakehouse?
No. We are continuing to operate all back of house functions and will continue to produce much of the food for our own retail locations and external customers in the commissary and bakery spaces.

Will the Community Rooms be available to use?
These spaces will be available for internal staff use only.

Are we able to convert the space to fulfill other community needs at this time?
We’ve reached out to a variety of community partners about utilizing the empty space for food distribution or temporary commercial space, but no one is interested at this time. We are open to exploring how the space can help meet community needs as they arise during this time of closure.