Thanksgiving Turkey Pre-Orders

Serve up a Spectacular Thanksgiving meal centered around a locally raised turkey!

Our turkeys are raised on local family-owned farms. They are free range, fed all-natural whole-grain diets and free of antibiotics and hormones.

Order now through November 19.

Pick up during store hours starting November 19 through Wednesday, November 24. The Wedge Co-op is open from 8 am – 2 pm on Thanksgiving Day.

If your pickup day is going to change, let us know by calling the store you made the reservation for. Contact information can be found here!

Fresh, Free-Range Local Turkey from Kadejan and Ferndale Market
Local family farms Kadejan (Glenwood, MN) and Ferndale Market (Cannon Falls, MN) produce high-quality poultry. The turkeys are fed whole grains and are free-range, with access to the outdoors all year. Both operations are family owned and work with a limited number of small family farms to raise these birds.

Certified Organic Local Turkey from Larry Schultz Farm
Larry Schultz farm in Owatonna, MN is a family operation that brings us local, certified-organic turkeys from a farm that has always been managed organically. This farm brings us not only turkeys, but also chickens and eggs to the co-op. The birds live a natural life in free-ranging, small flocks and eat only certified-organic feed.


Turkey Orders

We're sorry, but the deadline for reserving a turkey has passed. We have a great selection of turkeys available in store.