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Most specials are for all shoppers, unless indicated by the OM for owner members.

Please note, we cannot guarantee this pricing information as certain specials may be “while supplies last”. Please call ahead to verify availability and price before making special trips to the Wedge or the Wedge Table.

There are currently 94 member-only specials at Linden Hills.

Prices are good through Wednesday, October 31 unless indicated by .

Personal Care

Item Size Reg. Sale
Aloe Vera OM O 4oz $9.99 10% off
Biotin R&r Conditioner OM GF O 11oz 12.99 10% off
Calendula Blossom Deodorant OM O V 4oz 9.79 10% off
Chia Hairspray OM 8oz 10.99 10% off
Chia Salt Spray OM 4oz 7.79 10% off
E-plus High C Deodorant OM O V 3oz 8.99 10% off
Green Tea Oil OM 1oz 27.99 10% off
Herbal Pine Deodorant OM O V 4oz 9.99 10% off
Northwoods After Shave OM O V 4oz 11.99 10% off
Pure Aloe Vera Spray OM 8oz 13.99 10% off
Rosa Mosqueta Conditioner OM 11oz 16.99 10% off
Shave Cream North Woods OM O V 6oz 8.99 10% off
Swimmer's Conditioner OM O V 11oz 12.99 10% off
Swimmer's Shampoo OM O V 11oz 12.99 10% off
Magnesium Lotion OM 8oz $11.99 10% off
Magnesium Oil OM 8oz 12.99 10% off
Progesta-care OM 4oz 32.99 10% off
Aromatic Chest Rub OM O 2oz $8.99 20% off
Baby Balm OM O 2oz 9.29 20% off
Badger Balm OM O 2oz 7.29 20% off
Cuticle Care OM O .75oz 5.49 20% off
Night-night Balm OM O 2oz 9.99 20% off
Nursing Balm Sunflower Coconut OM .75oz 5.59 20% off
Sore Muscle Rub Cayenne OM O 2oz 8.99 20% off
Unscented Healing Balm OM O 2oz 7.29 20% off


Item Size Reg. Sale
Essential Formulas
Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics OM 10ct $12.99 20% off
Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics OM 60ct 59.99 20% off
Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics OM 30ct 35.99 20% off
B6 B12 Folic Acid Activemelt OM 60ct $13.99 10% off
B6,b12,folic Acid Lozenges OM 60ct 10.79 10% off
Choline 250mg OM 100ct 9.99 10% off
Magnesium Glycinate 400 OM 180ct 32.99 10% off
Magnesium Glycinate 400 OM 120ct 39.99 10% off
Magnesium Glycinate 400 OM 90ct 18.49 10% off
Magnesium Glycinate Chewables OM 120ct 14.99 10% off
Magnesium Orotate OM 60ct 15.99 10% off
Malic Acid W/ Magnesium OM 15.99 10% off
Nutritional Yeast Flakes OM 12oz 16.99 10% off
P-5-p 50 Mg OM 50ct 11.99 10% off
Liquid Iodine Plus OM 2oz $8.99 10% off
Actived Charcoal OM 90ct $11.99 10% off
B-complex 100 OM 50ct 13.79 10% off
B-complex 50 OM 50ct 8.89 10% off
B-complex 75 OM 100ct 20.49 10% off
B-complex Chewable OM 50ct 15.59 10% off
B-stress A.m OM 60ct 12.29 10% off
B-stress P.m OM 60ct 12.59 10% off
Berberine OM 60ct 22.49 10% off
Bio Citrate Zinc OM 60ct 6.99 10% off
Biocitrate Magnesium OM 90ct 12.49 10% off
Biocitrate Potassium OM 60ct 6.99 10% off
Butterbur OM 60ct 25.69 10% off
Cal-mag Citrate OM 180ct 21.59 10% off
Cal-mag Citrate W/d OM 360ct 39.79 10% off
Cal-mag-zinc OM 100ct 12.39 10% off
Cal/mag/zinc OM 250ct 25.69 10% off
Calcium Citrate OM 240ct 23.39 10% off
Calcium Citrate W/d OM 90ct 9.99 10% off
Chromium Picolinate OM 100ct 9.79 10% off
D-mannose OM 60ct 29.99 10% off
Green Tea Extract 250mg OM 30ct 15.89 10% off
Hcl W/pepsin OM 100ct 15.69 10% off
Iron Free Once Daily High OM 120ct 37.49 10% off
Kidney Blend Sp-6 OM 100ct 10.39 10% off
Lactase OM 100ct 22.29 10% off
Liver Blend Sp-13 OM 100ct 9.99 10% off
Magnesium Glycinate OM 120ct 19.89 10% off
Manganese OM 100ct 8.59 10% off
Migragard OM 60ct 19.99 10% off
Once Daily OM 60ct 19.99 10% off
Pancreatin OM 90ct 11.99 10% off
Pantothenic Acid OM 100ct 13.49 10% off
Potassium OM 200ct 13.79 10% off
Selenium OM 100ct 7.99 10% off
Super Bio C Buffered OM 100ct 15.89 10% off
Super Digestaway OM 60ct 10.29 10% off
Tart Cherry & Celery Seed OM 60ct 19.99 10% off
Vitamin B-1 100mg OM 100ct 8.39 10% off
Vitamin B-2 100mg OM 100ct 11.99 10% off
Vitamin B-6 OM 60ct 8.39 10% off
Vitamin C Powder OM 8oz 17.89 10% off
Wild Yam OM 100ct 9.99 10% off
Yeast Cleanse OM 90ct 17.99 10% off
Urban Moonshine
Aller-blast OM 2oz $18.99 20% off
Bitters Spray Maple OM 15ml 7.99 20% off
Calm Tummy Bitters OM 2oz 18.99 20% off
Calm Tummy Bitters OM 15ml 7.99 20% off
Cider Vinegar Bitters OM 2oz 16.99 20% off
Digestive Bitters Original OM 2oz 18.99 20% off
Digestive Bitters Original OM 15ml 7.99 20% off
Healthy Liver Bitters OM 2oz 18.99 20% off
Immune Zoom OM 2oz 18.99 20% off
Maple Bitters OM 2oz 18.99 20% off
Tincture Motherwort OM 2oz 18.99 20% off

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Ongoing Sales

Double Deal Wednesdays

Stock up with TWICE the sales each sale change Wednesday.
We extend the expiring sales an extra day while the new sales are up. You get double the deals on select Wednesdays* at the Wedge Lyndale, Linden Hills, and Wedge Table!

*2018 Double Deal Wednesdays:
January 3, 17, and 31
February 14 and 28
March 14
April 4 and 18
May 2, 16, and 30
June 13
July 4 and 18
August 15
September 5 and 19
October 3, 17, and 31
November 14
December 5 and 19

Fresh Cut Friday 10% off Meat And Seafood

New at Wedge Lyndale and continuing at Linden Hills!

Save 10% off all Meat And Seafood on the last Friday of every month! We pride ourselves in offering the best meat and seafood for you and your family. We support small farmers and sell sustainably raised, hormone and antibiotic free meats. Our full-service butcher shop sells sliced deli meats, custom sausages, fresh ground meats and fresh seafood. Shop this day to save BIG!

Monthly 10% off wellness days

While there’s no better time than now to start taking your health seriously, Wellness Days are a close second.

At the Wedge Lyndale on the first Wednesday of each month all shoppers receive a 10% discount on all supplements in our Health & Body Care Department, including vitamins, herbs, minerals and homeopathic remedies. At Linden Hills, shoppers receive the same discount on the last Tuesday of the month. So mark your calendars, and stop on by!

Wedge or Linden Hills Basics

We continue to update and add to our Wedge and Linden Hills Basics offerings! Look for the Wedge or Linden Hills Basics tags throughout our stores to find the co-op’s most-affordable foods and wellness products. There are extra-low prices on over 60 healthful products that everyone should have access to, even on a budget. View the PDF

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