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Mission Animal Hosptial

Mission Animal Hospital – September Round Up

Rounding up at the register with our Change Matters* program is an easy way to make donations. During the month of September all register donations will go to support Mission Animal Hospital. Mission Animal Hospital provides high-quality, non-profit veterinary care for those in need, focusing on low income groups, the unemployed and the elderly. This month,…  Read More

Bogart’s Doughnuts – NEW!

We’re thrilled to announce that Bogart’s Doughnuts are now delivered fresh daily to the Wedge and Linden Hills Co-ops, making us their first and only retail partner to offer their amazing doughnuts. Bogart’s is an ideal partner for us as they highly value similar product standards and letting quality ingredients speak for themselves. Find them…  Read More

Community Emergency Service – August Round Up

Rounding up at the register with our Change Matters* program is an easy way to make donations. During the month of August all register donations will go to support Community Emergency Service. Community Emergency Service (CES) is a non-profit crisis relief and empowerment community outreach for the inner city of South and North Minneapolis. Change Matters…  Read More

TCCP’s Anti-Racism Journey

July 21, 2020 In the aftermath of the brutal murder of George Floyd and the protests that followed, the focus has been on how the community rebuilds and how we address the long-standing systemic mistreatment of and racism against the Black community. Twin Cities Co-op Partners supports the Black Lives Matter movement, and believes that…  Read More

This Summer Owners Get 1% BACK!

A letter from Josh Resnik, CEO & Alex Slichter, TCCP Board President

Summer in the City

Where can I find help?

July Food Drive

We’re hosting a food drive in July in response to the heightened needs in our community. Together, we can make a big impact. With the pandemic, and many people losing their jobs/grocery stores as a result of the riots, there is an increased demand for food donations. Together, we can give back to groups reaching…  Read More

Wedge Table Temporary Closure

We opened the Wedge Table in 2015 as a place for our community to gather together and enjoy food. With COVID-19, what it means for the community coming together has changed. And with these changing conditions, we have seen increased challenges in running the Table. TCCP’s leadership and board have decided to close the Wedge…  Read More