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From their Fields to our Co-op

At the co-op, we’re committed to working with small, local farmers to provide the most delicious and nutritious foods for our customers. Our deep relationships with local farms not only bring the highest quality food to our warehouse and stores, but also nurture and support the local food economy, ensuring its health and vitality for…

Herbivorous Acres – July Register Round Up

Rounding up at the register with our Change Matters* program is an easy way to make donations. During the month of July all register donations will go to support Herbivorous Acres. Herbivorous Acres is a non-profit farm sanctuary protecting animals from cruelty, abuse and neglect. They were started by Herbivorous Butcher, a vegan butcher shop in Northeast…

What Pride means to our Co-op

We love the diverse and inclusive community the co-op provides for both our customers and staff. Read what some of our employees say pride means to them:

ACURE Products Statement

Pending the result of a labor practices inquiry concerning possible violations at a farm in upstate New York, a manufacturing facility that once handled some ACURE products, the Wedge and Linden Hills Co-op have decided to pull ACURE products from our shelves. ACURE states that in a contract that terminated in 2017, Greener Formulas’ LLC…

Appetite for Change – June Register Round Up

Rounding up at the register with our Change Matters* program is an easy way to make donations. During the month of June all register donations will go to support Appetite For Change. Appetite for Change (AFC) uses food as a tool to build health, wealth and social change in North Minneapolis. AFC’s programs and social enterprises…

Peter’s Fearless Grilling Tips & Recipe

Simple Steps to the Perfect Steak Things to consider when choosing your steak: Thickness, you will want to choose steaks with similar thickness so they have the same grilling time.  If you are grilling a thinner steak and a fatter steak remember to shorten your cook time for the thinner steak. Fat, when cooking fat…

7 Days of Grilling Deals

May 22-28 at the Wedge and Linden Hills Fire up the grill and kick off summer with big savings and tasty samples. Different deals every day! We partnered with our neighbors at Hum’s Liquor to bring you the perfect pairings and even more deals!  During the 7 Days of Grilling Deals, May 22 – 28,  all

New Summer Meal Kits by Local Chefs

Local Crate summer meal kits are here to bring you quick and convenient meal solutions with the high quality, local ingredients you expect from the co-op. Local Crate, located in St. Paul, was launched as a home delivery service, we are proud to be the first co-op to offer their meal kits in our stores. Here are