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Local Easter Hams

We are proud to partner with local family farms to offer you the highest quality meat for your spring celebrations. Our local vendors are the heart of our business and we value our long standing relationships with them.

Lorentz Meats

(Available at Wedge Lyndale only)

Natural hardwood smoked, uncured ham, antibiotic, hormone and nitrate free, raised with vegetarian feed

The Lorentz family started their business in 1968 with the purchase of a local meat market in Cannon Falls, MN. When Mike Lorentz and his brother Rob took over Lorentz Meats in 1997, they were determined to carry on the legacy their parents had built over decades of providing processing services to local farmers, even while their business was rapidly growing. A new, USDA-inspect­ed facility built in 2000, and a 20,000 sq. ft. addition in 2013 allowed them to process meat and resell it, helping farmers get their products direct to consumers. That comprises a large part of their business these days—including work with Organic Prairie, Thousand Hills Cattle Company and High Plains Bison. But each week they reserve one day for independent, small-scale local livestock farmers. Mike Lorentz says this commitment remains a priority to his family because as advocates for organic, sustainable practices, it’s always made sense to align themselves with niche producers who shared those values. “When you talk about land stewardship and the good work that some farmers are doing, we try to do that as processors,” he says. “We’re in an industry with a reputation of underpaying and discarding people, we try to do the opposite, by investing in training, health care, retirement and competitive wages for our workers.”


Learn more at


Beeler's Pure Pork

boneless and bone-in, hickory smoked, uncured ham, antibiotic, hormone and nitrate free, raised with vegetarian feed

The Beeler’s heritage traces back six generations to 1846. They still operate and own the same family farm their great-great-grandpa Fred established in LeMars, Iowa. Their pigs are raised and bread with superior care, to produce a truly amazing product. Learn more at

The Lamb Shoppe

(Available at Wedge Lyndale only)

Doug Rathke and Connie Karstens started the Lamb Shoppe in 1996, and their Hutchinson, MN farm has become a veritable think tank for all things sheep- and lamb-related. Not only does the Lamb Shoppe boast the first USDA-certified meat-cutting facility located on a sheep farm in America, with a retail store to boot, but Doug Rathke is an International Sheep Shearing Champion (he shears the old-fashioned way, with handblades), and Connie is a biologist, herbalist, and former university professor who taught nutrition at Bridgewater College.

“We know everything about our animals,” says Doug. “We’re with them every day. We know if they’re getting too big or too fat. And we don’t force feed the grain to them.”

The feedlot practice of force-feeding grain to fatten livestock is what often gives lamb its famous “gaminess,” the very taste that puts so many people off. Consequently, the taste of Lamb Shoppe’s meat is a testament to their prairie farm’s grazing practices, conducted in a way to “honor and restore the land,” as Connie and Doug say on their website.  (Read full article with recipes)