Co-op Affordability


We believe everyone deserves access to healthy, high-quality foods that support a sustainable future for our planet. All co-op owners who have financial need are eligible for our everyday CAP discount of 10%, applied automatically each time you’re at the register. CAP is designed to reduce the cost barriers to healthful eating and provide you with practical solutions that don’t sacrifice your values or your budget.

Wedge and Linden Hills owners currently enrolled in WIC, SNAP, SSDI/SSI, Section 8 Housing, Refugee Cash Assistance, Medical Assistance (Medicaid), or Minnesota Care are eligible for our new ownership track and 10% everyday discount.


Owners experiencing a financial need save 10% on every purchase, every day, at the Wedge Lyndale, Linden Hills Co-op and the Wedge Table. You receive your discount on top of owner specials, Wellness Wednesday, and special orders.


To make ownership more accessible, we’ve added a new track. Shoppers can become owners with an initial investment of just $10. The remaining $70 of co-op stock is accrued over time through your annual patronage refund earnings (the patronage refund is a portion of your money spent at the co-op returned to you each year). For more details about eligibility and enrolling, please visit Customer Service.

And remember, your co-op ownership is fully refundable at any time.


Visit Customer Service to get signed up today. Bring with you a letter, card, or form showing your proof of qualifying benefits to start saving. You will be asked to renew one year from enrollment.


Once a year, CAP owners will be asked to renew their ownership at the customer service desk by showing proof of their eligibility. Cashiers will remind CAP owners when they’re up for renewal.

Questions about CAP?

Ask at Customer Service desk at our Lyndale store, call 612-871-3993 or email

Contact these organizations to find out if you can be enrolled in WIC, SNAP, SSDI/SSI, Section 8 Housing, Refugee Cash Assistance, Medical Assistance (Medicaid), or Minnesota Care:

Bridge To Benefits is an online screening tool to see if you are eligible for public work support programs.

Hunger Solutions Minnesota Food Helpline is a way to learn about what food-support resources are available.

Shopping on a Budget Guide Your friendly guide to co-op affordability.