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Staff Artist Spotlight: David Huckfelt

Our Official Product Standards

For over four decades, Linden Hills and the Wedge Community Co-op have been connecting people to local growers, suppliers, farmers and those who produce with health, sustainability, ethics and community in mind. We provide the highest quality products available while upholding the values and needs of our diverse community. Our experienced staff thoroughly reviews each


At the co-op, we’re committed to working with small, local farmers to provide the most delicious and nutritious foods for our customers. Our deep relationships with local farms not only bring the highest quality food to our warehouse and stores, but also nurture and support the local food economy, ensuring its health and vitality for

From their Fields to our Co-op

Spring Rejuvenation Skin Care

What’s New – Winter 2018

A Healthier New Year

Celebrate A Local Thanksgiving

Our Commitment to the Highest Quality

Consolidation Implementation Update